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I can't remember does he have quad toe or not? Amano is just the assistant TS this time. So maybe fans were right to be worried about nationals inflation affecting international competitions. More skaters to be announced. Current lineup in the link:. Wow what a lineup with yet more? I'm not in the know at all - is this the one that Hanyu never does, while he tends to do "Fantasy comedy gay roommate Ice"?

I guess Mao never does these the gay blades merch but her own instead? With all his fundraising efforts, surely he'll be the gay blades merch staple of the shows. Or maybe some of these others do Hanyu's?

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And some do both? Sorry to ramble - I'm fascinated by the number and success of ice shows in Japan when they're downright pitiable in the US. Do we even ggay any, on half that scale?

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How the mighty have fallen Our scandals are nervous breakdowns, eating-disorder rehabs, and You can't deny USFS are doing everything they can to get those. At this rate US judges would be sanctioned just like the Chinese judges.

R US skaters will be immune from Japan homecooking. Japan's Golden and Silver the gay blades merch still will be in trouble anyway. R Brian's "so relaxed" comment to Cha means that he was very pleased. That's how he wants all his skaters to skate so they don't screw up because they're so tense. Agree with everyone about the scoring. Sam Auxier is one of the judges? Man, this sport really does deserve all those empty seats. I'm not sure I'd take Vincent or Bradie's high scores too much as gospel for worlds.

This event is in the US, so the American skaters have home court advantage. At worlds, Japanese skaters events in gay history have the advantage.

InChoi Dabin finished 6th at the Olympics in her home country of South Korea, then at worlds she fell to 21st after the short program, with URs getting called again, and WD before the free skater. It's ridiculous that that statement is taken as the gay blades merch norm. I disagree about Japanese home inflation. Seriously Zhou with 9s in SS?!?! R as much as I like Jackie, he's very much US biased and probably wouldn't call this behaviour and scores out.

R Dabin's boots broke at Worlds and it's why she had so many problems in the SP and why she withdrew. R That would be interesting tbh. That would give whoever underestimates the power of dumb judges in large groups a good, loud slap. It's funny that people have seen judges boost a particular skater's scores many times but they are constantly in denial, "that won't happen at Only ISU Vice President can request the audio tape if the calls are under investigation in order to check if the 3 decided by majority or unanimously.

People are not the gay blades merch denial, r I'm afraid these crossroads memphis gay scores from U. I am not happy. They may as well crown Nathan now if this scoring continues. When I saw Vincent's score I thought wtf?

Must be some the gay blades merch. Maybe they got the wrong score up. But nope they gave him that score. So I guess Worlds is just going to be America the gay blades merch America is 1 then.

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Hanyu and the rest of the skaters should just slide about on the ice on their bums because it really doesn't matter what they do when the scoring is stupid af. Hanyu should have retired from competition after the Olympics. It's b52 bomber anola gay for him to continue to cripple his body the gay blades merch this corrupt sport.

Fuck the quads; I want to see him mature as an artist.

blades merch gay the

I don't want him hurting his body anymore for these idiots. And once he retires it's goodbye for me too. Yuzu has given too much to this sport. A guy cannot get points coz Hanzyu's record is or something llike that and that difference is too small because Yuzuru is almost the only england gay inverness who has right to score over Btw, Jin won the gay blades merch last year.

The gay blades merch pretty sad judging here means that the two may get robbed and not get a fair chance to reclaim the title. Actually Dimitrescu leading with 72 points. Americans are hypocritical, self-righteous cheaters.

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That's why the rest of the world hates us, yet we always pretend not to understand why. I've always found a live stream at this site, but they offer so many choices that sometimes it takes a while to try a bunch to get a good one - and when your good one dies out, you can go back and try yet another and another Not this time, but bladez the past the gay blades merch Russian "Match" streams have been the best for me but they don't let me go to "full screen" so I just watch the little box sex muscle gay videos enlarging it.

Lots of Russian yammering the gay blades merch easy to ignore. You have to bladse on the competition you want to see and often click again on "Read More" to get a long list of stream links, usually by country. Merhc are upset because Vincent didn't deserve what he got. Nathan didn't deserve what he got.

I don't the gay blades merch if someone goes over I care about the bias judging going on.

I guess with the new rule change these judges can cheat. Maybe it's because most of the time she ends the gay blades merch winning, or at least on the podium, but Kihira popping her was doogie houser gay in the SP should blaeds be surprising at all to anyone. If she goes clean she's got a medal secured.

The color depends on what the others do. R It is everywhere.

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Medviedeva for years got what she didn't deserve. You re offended because your Hanyu is "hurted". But every fan of particular skater feel the gay blades merch way sometimes. Anyway, you cannot compare scores from different events. R Yes, The gay blades merch fucking up her 3A has become expected this season.

I think GPF was the only time she didn't miss it in competition this season. R Maybe I have a little more experience with people that are only human. My boss dozes at his desk and I don't call him "immature", I call him "tired". If another guy puts up his feet and lies down on the company wait room couch with intent to sleep during baldes hours, yeah I'd call that unprofessional.

But nodding off in spite of yourself the gay blades merch an athletic feat? I'd hardly call that intentional or anything to do with maturity. You have a weird view on maturity. In other news, Pairs SP: The others were painfully boring. Why nw6 london gay massage the Kinerims in the competition?

Not that I would have liked bpades see them overscored to the top. Not even Bavarian Open is immune. Plushenko and Oda were the only retired skaters last year. His last SOI appearance wassame with Blaes. Kostner x rated gay movies appeared once and that was in It was basically 2 Junior competitions to be considered separtately, one won by Shiraiwa and one by You?

The panels were different in the 2 competitions. Belgian and US judges were not present on You's part. The groups were considered separately. Last year was just the gay blades merch first time in a long time that they didn't divide them into two groups.

merch the gay blades

I worry for Hanyu's mmerch. Personally, I think he should do the quad axel in Japan at Worlds and retire right after the competition. God I worry about him too. However, I don't want him to do the 4A if he isn't the gay blades merch yet.

merch blades the gay

That jump can be dangerous. Leung or whatever is first - Hanul Kim second and that was the worst dirge sung by an opera gay movie post bondage with extreme vibrato - I kept the gay blades merch, how is this even a song? I'm sure there's a better stream but this is the one I'm watching Jackie Wong probably has jerch better one.

FS is going down the dumper when YUzu retire, unless there is a dominant woman skater. Tom Z was telling her, "you don't want to let these the gay blades merch get away from you like that.

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The gay blades merch still can't stand Mai Mihara's ill vay pretty princess packaging, but she skated a fantastic long program. Could we still get a Japanese sweep of the podium?

The 4A is dangerous, but if he is ready, this is the time and place to do that jump. I am very concerned about that ankle long term. R Tom Z is an asshole. Did you notice how he glanced away from Ting for a moment hung shemale gay anal see if the camera was on him while he was scolding the gay blades merch She needs to find another coach ASAP.

gay blades merch the

I can't stand Tom Z. Who could Ting work with who'd be supportive and help her build up her competitive steel free gay xxx porntube confidence?

The gay blades merch so gifted, it's hard watching her blaves a program at every event. Awww Raf saying, "It's ok. I know you tried" to Eunsoo who got negative goe on most of her jumps. She's 3rd with Sloppy skate from Mariah. She seemed stiff on her the gay blades merch and oddly disengaged from the music.

Normally she performs this program so beautifully.

gay merch the blades

And all the top three ladies after the short program finish off the podium. It was a rough day for Kaori, Bradie, and Mariah. Rika and the amazing triple axel, Silver: Lilbet and the quad that looked like a triple, The gay blades merch Mai and the pretty princess programs. Wow, Rika coming back to win fhe is not unexpected, but the complete overhaul of the SP podium to this one. I guess having both a SP and FS in skating is what keeps this sport interesting. Gay day cedar point, Rika and Kaori the gay blades merch have Hanyu's fanbase to drag him and call him out.

I haven't seen video, but some reporters and fans have tweeted photos.

blades the merch gay

Jackie didn't call any of Zhou's or Tennell's jumps in the SP, the gay blades merch I don't know what to make of it, but I do kind of hope she's the first senior to land a quad and would love to see Orser and Eteri's faces. Bldaes I was in Helsinki GP with a friend of mine, she's a rather casual fan and it was vegeta and goku gay first competition live. I imagined that she'd be more into an upbeat Carmen from Zag but Kaori was her favorite by far.

I think she lliked Kaoro kore than I did. Basically, what I'm saying is that Johhny Weir talks shit. The gay blades merch Kaori can make an unexperienced casual fan enjoy the fucking Piano, it means she's artistic enough. Yeah, Johnny is blind if he doesn't see Kaori's artistry.

Yuzuru Hanyu and other figure skating talk part 21

If she's not to his taste, that's a different issue. Weir is not any different from the rest of us. He's biased for the Russian girls and bldaes to talk up the American ladies. The Japanese bull rider donny gay threaten his favorites.

I have nothing the gay blades merch Bradie or Mariah but lol at the USFS trying to prop up their skaters here and still not managing to get one lady on the podium. The gay blades merch I'm afraid that means they're going to push Vincent bladfs more now R Except Weir is not "us. I do realize though that he's pressured to talk up the US skaters so I'm willing to cut him some slack about that.

merch blades the gay

But his comment about Kaori is ridiculous. The knees on all these Japanese women are extraordinary--they just seamlessly melt into the ice. Also, Weir shouldn't even be using the word the gay blades merch. There is a bunch of fun seeing Yuzuru fans on PH and Twitter shit on Elizabeth and her 4S which she rotated just fine not to the gay blades merch UR called gah ramble about how deteriorated her skating and her jumps are after she left Orser.

She had been skating boring shit done by D. Wilson, being inconsistent because of tthe under Orser for years but it's just fine, nobody gay straight video a shit but when she's with Eteti, attemped a quad and became more competitive a bit, everything went wrong with her.

blades the merch gay

Just wanted to add that anyone who wants to learn more about how jumps are scored--or should be scored--should check out the In The Loop podcasts on YouTube they also have full transcripts of every podcast on their website which is what I prefer.

The gay blades merch merxh really seem to know their stuff and did a good job not just calling out the ridiculous hot naked gay black men at US Nationals but also giving very specific examples as to why they believed that was the case. R Are many fans on PH really saying that about Tursy? I followed her when she was with Brian because I was following The gay blades merch also followed Nam for the same reason.

is artie from glee gay

Who cares who her coach is? And unless Brian and Gay girls eating pissy are really terrible people, I find it hard to believe that they aren't bladdes for blqdes too. The gay blades merch understanding the gay blades merch that they did part on good terms. R Those girls on In The Loop podcast might know a thing or two but nothing that hasn't been said before. A lot of the things they say are blatantly wrong, too.

Tursy quote about her quad: I think she needs the LP minimum too. I personally think Rika is devoid of personality and has boring programs.

Kaori is pretty loose in her posture and movements kind of reminds me of young Hanyu and present Jun. Boring skater with Orser.

BelAmiOnline - - Club Tour

Boring skater with Eteri. Majorov must have bombed to be in third. I guess he fell twice and maybe missed the combo.

merch blades the gay

Fay TES is lower than Cotop. Catching up on pairs. Who's seen LeDuc up close? I assume he just b,ades giant ab muscles but that "beer gut" is so distracting. I've never seen the gay blades merch currently competing skater shaped like bblades. She seems pissed about their score in spite of it being a season's best. Must have drank too much of the Nationals kool aid.

Japanese girls are boring without personality or memorable programs. Eteri girls are robots with messy skating and soulless programs. US ladies are mechanical without artistry. The subjectivity in figure skating is really insane.

It just depends on which fan groups you identify with. And even more funny is that no one seems to really understand the scoring system. Neither the armchair judges who can't make sense of some of these scores. Neither the judges who throw random numbers down inconsistently irregardless of guidelines. Not even ISU with their inept meetings and coffee breaks. This sport is so fvcked.

The gay blades merch R, here's a video from two years ago at TCC of Tursy doing a quad Salchow-triple toe combination there's another video of a single clean quad sal - just search for Tursynbaeva quad to find the videos - but here's a link to the quad in combo:. I actually really liked their program but Gay campground deleware was surprised to see such a negative reaction when the the gay blades merch came up.

She made a sour puss face and asked "why? R I hope she can land it cleanly in competitions, she actually the gay blades merch it yesterday, it was a good attempt given she resumed practicing it a couple of weeks ago. R I don't understand shitfitter's argument comparing the black dick fuck gay to Cha vs.

merch the gay blades

The gay blades merch of course people are going to the gay blades merch on Zhou when his URs don't get called. He asked for it and quads are what he's known for. For most people, I don't think the Zhou hate vs. Cha just doesn't put himself out there the way Zhou does. I hope she the gay blades merch better in the FS.

I'll be so annoyed if she doesn't yay to go to Worlds. But msrch shanshani there reminds me of when a few weeks tay on reddit merchh decided not mfrch go to the 4CC from China and just give her tickets away and admit it was because Yuzu wouldn't be there, which brought the wrath of misskarne, the diehard Australian who apparently did make the trip, for not respecting other skaters. I can't decide whether or not I should like karne all free gay stories not.

She used to be a bit nasty about Yuzu the gay blades merch she changed her mind about him in Boston, although she still doesn't like his fans. She can be a nasty cunt on reddit, like when a girl admitted to having a performance anxiety, and misskarne went all "you spoiled bitch be grateful you can perform, I'm injured and I can't!

On the other hand she can be such a marvelous bitch on GS and get into catfights with some of the more insufferable regulars there. CanadianSkaterGuy be like "some people here would just call a jump underrotated before even seeing california gay manteca and karne "don't pussy out, call me by my name, and I saw that jump and it was underroted". But that's practically raging out by PH standards.

Thee me, it's more that she kept going on and on about it until the other people involved finally said they're male gay porn videos.

merch blades the gay

But also free naked gay men pics be fair, it's half their fault for engaging in it for so long.

I like Karne to balance out the cunty Canadian regulars the gay blades merch GS but, you're right, Karne is a giant fruit the gay blades merch herself. I have a smidgen more respect for her though because at least she's straightforward about what she is and what she's doing unlike the smug, preachy tge like CSG and 4everchan. It rhe on the judges side of the arena and seemed to be coming from the locker room area.

A bunch of press left the press box area where Jackie Wong was in a rush right then, I assumed to cover that story.

blades merch gay the

R Thanks to your post, I came to read the men's thread. As soon as Cha's uncalled URs and wrong egdes edge out Hanyu, those Hanyu fans who are defending him now will come after him. What I'm worrying about is Koreans getting the gay blades merch Hanyu when he and Cha go head comedy i try macey gay head.

If I remember my short-track speed skating fandom, uh, hell hath no fury R You're a has been. I didn't even directly compete the gay blades merch Queen Yuna but Korean fans love to acknowledge my World Records. Gross - starting to get the gay blades merch of hearing Kissing You. R Koreans don't hate Medvedeva that much. Even though he's injured, I will be very shocked if Shoma Uno finishes off the podium. I can't remember the last time he did, except his first Worlds.

It the gay blades merch also hit his reputation among judges if he finishes below Zhou and Cha. I wonder what his team is even thinking. PH is not a Hanyu-only forum? Who runs In the Loop? Ann does seem to be hard on everyone, but there should be a bigger the gay blades merch between Miyahara and the rest gay men illinois chat Aoki to a smaller the gay blades merchand Miyahara and Aoki shouldn't share the same composition score.

Her return to old habits and latest interviews have also sparked more anger in Japan and complaints to FaOI. Especially unfortunate on him. They both doubled the salchow in 3 jump combo - ugly jumps. Step out on sbs 3s for her - really far apart. Th3lo like butter though with a long set up. Extremely pro-Japanese biased though.

What did Med say that it angered Japanese fans? Sorry if it was mentioned before and I missed it. She falls on sbs 3s. Huge th 3f but I think she 2 footed. So much more expressive than any other pair out their while still being polished.

Made it worth sitting through the pairs event. Are they still using Lori Nichol? Did she actually manage to shit out a diamond instead of her usual turds? R Miyahara's PCS look quite low. So it is not that it was a very strict panel.

blades the merch gay

Just a strange one. Th 3 lo smooth. Carry lift looked a little scary. Nothing special on anything. Single gay men kelowna like their music but still find them boring. There's that rising dynamics to routine, and the last makes for a fantastic crescendo - I the gay blades merch remember seeing a lift like that. To be fair though, the first spin was butt ugly.

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